Westminster Walk

We took the Tube from Canary Wharf to Westminster, and started the day visiting Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. With a 2-hour line to go inside the Abbey, we decided to pass. A walk along the Thames sounded more relaxing. After several blocks we took a walk through a neighbor, which ended up being one of the best parts of the day. It was quiet with no tourists or crowds and felt like we were seeing a part of London that was off the beaten path. It was a Westminster neighborhood in the vicinity of Chelsea College of Art and Design. The photos speak for themselves of how quiet and peaceful it was, with great architecture and details. Eventually we headed back to Westminster using the spires of the church as a point of reference.

For a break from walking we rode the tube out to Wembley Park to see Wembley National Stadium, as well as some neighborhoods outside of central London. The tube goes above ground, and while the view from the tracks is not the best, it gave us an idea of what other parts of London looked like. The break gave us new energy to return and walk across London Bridge and on to Tower Bridge, where we finally gave up and rode the water taxi back to Canary Wharf. The dock is located at the hotel, with a great little cafe nearby where we had the best lattes before heading back to the room.

The day was overcast and as a result the sky in all of the photos looks white. I’m hoping for a sunnier day before we leave. I also had hoped to upload larger photos, but with a slow Internet connection and large files, this was the best I could do for now. E