Welcome to Villa il Castellaccio

Welcome to Villa il Castellaccio located near Lucolena, Figline and Greve in Chianti, Tuscany. This is our home for two weeks. We arrived on June 7, and loved it from the minute we drove down the long meandering gravel lane to the villa.

Villa il Castellaccio is an agriturismo with a large villa (sleeps up to 12), four apartments, gardens and swimming pools. There’s also a barbecue area and wood burning pizza oven – which we tried the other night. The property is in a beautiful rural area surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The a farm has been owned by the same family for several generations and  produces olive oil and wine. The owner, Leonardo, is warm and welcoming, ready to answer questions and help plan activities.

We’re 20 minutes from Florence by train, from the station in nearby Figline – where we also do grocery shopping. The drive to Florence is 45 minutes to an hour depending on the route – back roads vs. freeway. We’ve done both and love the back road route.

This is a great location for visiting the little towns and villages in Chianti – Greve, Castellina, Radda, Panzano and Montefioralle are just a few that we’ve visited so far. All are beautiful, quaint, charming and special in their own way. The vineyards and wineries in the surrounding hills aree around every curve and down cypress lined lanes.

The origins of Castellaccio go back to Etruscan times. The gravel lane running through the property is a Roman road. Overlooking the pool is an ancient 11th Century church, now a private home. Up on the hilltop above us is an ancient chestnut grove, where we’re told you can find the ruins of the original Castle, “Castel d’Azzo”, destroyed in the 14th Century in a battle between the Guelfs and Ghibellines. We hope to explore to see if we can find it.

So how did we find Villa il Castellaccio? It was by pure luck after spending hours online looking at villas and agriturismos. After spending a week here I think I was very, very lucky.