Tuscany On Hold

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. I had one of those just after adding the post in January 2013. I found out I had to have back surgery in the near future.

No problem I thought. I would have the surgery, use the next few months to recuperate and be ready to travel in June. Our trip to Italy was in the reservations made, deposits paid, all we need to do is buy the tickets stage.  However,

my insurance company thought otherwise and denied the surgery. I didn’t see that coming. It wasn’t even on my radar as a possibility of something that could happen. Evidently a spinal fusion is not high on their list as something they’re willing to pay for. But my neurosurgeon wrote letters, filled out the paper work,  jumped through several bureaucratic hoops and after a long delay, the surgery is finally scheduled for May 29th.

Luckily I’ve been able to cancel reservations and transfer the deposit for our stay in Tuscany to next summer. While disappointing, at least this gives me more time to learn Italian. I’ll be back when I’m ready to hit the road again – hopefully next summer. In the mean time – Ciao!