Why Wengen?

This blog started in 2012 as a travel journal for a trip with my 16 year old son. But this wasn’t just any family trip to get away and have fun for a few days.

When my sons were 11 and 6 I told them I would take each of them on a trip anywhere in the world before they graduated from high school. I wanted them to dream about far away places and eventually pick the destination, come up with the itinerary and help plan the trip. I hoped they may learn some geography, budgeting, and time management – or at least have fun reading travel books and websites. And for my part, I started saving for the trips.

At that time they didn’t believe me but through the years I reminded them I was serious. The trips were self-serving. I wanted one last chance to spend time with each of them before letting go. Friends struggled when their kids left for college. They regretted not spending enough time together and hated to let go.  I was determined that wouldn’t be me. These would be trips of a lifetime filled with memories and a chance to get to know my sons even better. I hoped we would grow closer before they started their own lives.

On January 1, 2008, I told my older son Chris it was time for him to decide where we were going that summer. By the end of the month we had tickets to New Zealand. The trip planning came in stages over the next few months. He read travel books and searched websites and I made reservations. That August we spent two weeks on the North and South Islands. As I had hoped, it was a trip of a lifetime. When Chris left for USC in 2009 I was ready to let go. There were tears but no regrets about time not spent together. Sometime I’ll be adding New Zealand post. We had an incredible time.

In January 2012 it was Matt’s turn and this time no prompting was needed to start planning. He had spent hours thinking about where he wanted to go and had started planning a trip to Europe. One evening he said he wanted to stay in a small mountain village in Switzerland. My iPad was handy and I Googled, “Best Swiss Mountain Villages”. After reading about several we settled on Wengen. It sounded perfect. One look at the online photos and we were sold. Within minutes I made reservations at a chalet and Matt added it to the itinerary. Then I read the fine print…

“There are no roads to Wengen”.


And, so started the adventure and the name of this blog. And the photo is a view from Wengen.

Wengen is located near Lauterbrunnen, but you’ll have to read the blog to find out how we got there.

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