London On A Day Pass

We’re back in London and on the final leg of our trip. Overall this has been an amazing and exciting journey. Matt and I returned the car in Epernay, France with just over 2800 kilometers added to the Renault. We covered a lot of territory, and I ended up with about 2500 photos, even after daily deletions. Most of the photos have not been edited – I will be working on that, and putting galleries on the blog after I return.

Yesterday we decided to just see whatever we happened to come across riding the Tube on a day pass. We also discovered we could use the pass on the River Thames water taxi. One of the stops is at a pier conveniently located behind the Canary Wharf Four Seasons Hotel where we’re staying. After  leaving the hotel we took a 10 minute walk to the Canary Wharf Station and started  at 9:55 a.m. These are photos of things we discovered along the way.

This is the neighborhood around Holborn – a busy commercial and shopping area. We stopped at a model shop Matt had read about online before leaving the U.S. and left with a model of a London cab and a few other things.

And then we decided to see what was at the Marble Arch station.  Not surprisingly it was an arch, and lot of double decker red buses and a small park.

To be continued….