London On A Day Pass con’t

See the previous post for the first half of how we spent our last day in London using a Tube day-pass to travel around  the city.

After our stop at the Marble Arch we headed back to Canary Wharf and the Four Seasons for a break. But first we decided to stop at the plaza outside of the Canary Wharf Station for lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the plaza was filled with office workers from the nearby buildings. This is a great area with food carts, outdoor cafes and a shopping mall at Canada Place. And, there are plenty of places to sit and relax, and do some people watching.

After we arrived at the Canary Wharf station,  we headed up the long escalator to the exit.
Signs along the way…

The plaza outside of the underground station at Canary Wharf and the Four Seasons Hotel.
After taking a short rest at the hotel we were on our way again. This time we decided to take the Thames Clipper, a water taxi, to the Westminster stop. The dock is conveniently located right behind the hotel. While the water taxi is popular with tourists, it’s also used for daily commuting between downtown London and Canary Wharf and other areas along the river.
We walked to Westminster and took one last ride on the Tube Back to Canary Wharf.

And then back to Canary Wharf for dinner at Carluccios, a great Italian cafe.
Before we started packing for our flight home.

It was a great last day in London!