Beaune in the Heart of Burgundy

I forgot to mention that before Annecy, on Friday morning we took the TGV to Dijon and picked up a car for the rest of our trip. Since I’ve been driving cars with a shift since I was 16, I decided it would be fun using one again. I wasn’t disappointed when we picked up a 6-speed Renault. It has been a few years and I forgot how much fun it is driving a stick.

It’s been a great day driving in France and stopping for the night in Annecy . But before telling you about today, here are a few photos of Beaune, a beautiful town located in the Burgundy region of France. We stopped here briefly for a walk around the town before heading to Annecy.



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Annecy at Dusk.

We arrived in Annecy early in the evening. It’s a town in the French Alps on a peaceful sparkling lake with the mountains as a backdrop. Little canals and the river Thiou wind through the old town.

The Isle Palace in Annecy is located in the center of the river and has a long history. First a residence for the Lord of Annecy from the 12th century on, it then served as administrative centre for the Counts of Geneva and finally a prison until 1865. It is one of the most photographed buildings in town, but in France.


The warm glow of Annecy is particularly beautiful at dusk. Here are a few photos from a walk we took through the old town before dinner at an outdoor cafe next to the river


20120616-075226.jpg    20120616-075258.jpg

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