BMW Museum and Welt and the Olympic Park

Yesterday on the way to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany we stopped in Munich to visit the BMW Museum and Welt, and the Olympic Park. The BMW Museum and Welt  were fantastic! I had as much fun as Matt. If you love cars and especially BMWs,  you’ll love this place. The Welt is the ultimate BMW showroom. When we entered the parking garage there were several spaces with signs stating they were reserved for “BMW On Demand”. Each space had a new car parked in it. We later found out these are the cars being picked up by new owners. My next BMW is going to be picked up here…

The museum is bowl-shaped with architecture as interesting as the exhibits. While it appears closed and dark from the outside, the interior is bright and airy with a spiral walkway leading from top to bottom. Exhibits are located along the spiral.

BMW Museum

The exhibits cover the history of BMW from its beginnings as a manufacturer of aircraft engines to motorcycles, automobiles and futuristic prototypes.







The design of the Welt is amazing and has the feeling of a giant wave. Constructed of glass and steel, it is open and airy with a huge showroom. All of the latest BMW models are on display with salesmen ready to answer questions. Up to 100 owners from around the world pick up their new BMWs there every day.  There are also several shops and cafes, and during our visit an indoor driving range was set up. While we were there I actually took more photos of the architecture than the cars…

BMW WeltBMW Welt



This was Matt’s favorite model…


And this is mine…



Olympic Park

After seeing enough BMWs to last a life time, we walked on a sky bridge (over the motorway) to the Olympic Park, home of the 1972 Summer Olympics. This has to be one of the most beautiful parks I have ever see. It is filled with things to do from zip lines, to bungee jumping, soccer, swimming, boats and cafes.




In my next post I’ll have photos of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is a beautiful walled village in the State of Bavaria.

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