After a quick overnight to in Geneva to take Chris to the airport three weeks making great memories in Switzerland, Italy and France, Matt and I headed to Basel.

Why Basel, besides it being a beautiful city known for chocolate, cheese, art and watches? Outside of Basel is Augusta Raurica, an archaeological site and open air museum of a Roman settlement dating back to 15 BC. It’s the site of the oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine and best preserved Roman theater north of the Alps. Many of the areas are original remains and some areas are reconstructed. There’s an impressive amphitheater, sections of stone walls, part of a Roman aqueduct – overall there are twenty sites and monuments. As one of the most important Roman sites in Switzerland a team of archaeologists excavate, restore and conserve the finds. The museum offerse guided tours and workshops, or you can explore the area on your own, or have a panic and relax in the beautiful surroundings